General Meetings

The AGM is the Hoist Finance highest decision-making body. All shareholders have an opportunity at the AGM to influence the company by exercising their voting rights. The Swedish Companies Act and Hoist Finance’s Articles of Association include rules that govern the AGM and its agenda.

Hoist Finance’s financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Pursuant to the Swedish Companies Act, notice must be given no more than six weeks and no fewer than four weeks prior to the AGM. The AGM resolves on adoption of the year’s balancesheet and income statement, dividends, election of Board members and auditors, fees to Board members and auditors, and other items of business as prescribed by the Swedish Companies Act and the Articles of Association. All shareholders listed in the shareholders’ register on the day prior to the AGM who have provided timely notification of their participation are entitled to participate at the AGM, either in person or by proxy. Every shareholder is entitled to request that a matter be addressed by the AGM.

A shareholder who wishes to do so must submit a written request to the Board no later than one week before the earliest date on which notice of the meeting may be published (i.e. the request must be received no later than seven weeks prior to the AGM). Pursuant to Chapter 7 § 32 of the Swedish Companies Act, all shareholders are entitled to ask the Board of Directors and CEO questions about matters addressed during the AGM and about the financial situation of the company and the Group.