Our business

Our overall purpose is to contribute to a healthy and inclusive financial ecosystem. The value creation of our business model begins with the investment in a portfolio of non-performing loans. Our long history and experience in this area is the prerequisite to a successful investment. The second step in our business model is to maximise the return from the acquired portfolios, by efficient and effective collections.

Partner to European banks and financial institutions

Hoist Finance offers banks and financial institutions extensive support with debt restructuring solutions by solid experience, knowledge of the regulatory environment and pan-European presence. Through our many years of experience and data accumulated from previous acquisitions over the years, we have honed our skills in investing in NPL portfolios. We work closely with the banks and aspire to be their best partner in optimising balance sheets and manage non-performing loans. The investment process is based on long-term relationships, thereby ensuring mutual trust founded on open dialogue and ethical behaviour. As a regulated credit market company, we adhere to the same standards as our partners and manage our customer relationships in an ethical and fair way.


Advantages of divesting NPLs from a banking perspective:

  • Reduce risk – NPL sales reduce the sellers' risk exposure, release credit reserves and strengthen capital ratios by reducing risk-weighted assets.
  • Release capital – NPL sales translate into up-front cash payments that improve the selling banks' liquidity positions.
  • Focus on core business – It takes time, resources and specialised expertise to recover NPLs. By selling NPLs, banks avoid the costs and challenges associated with maintaining an in-house debt recovery operation and can focus on their core business.
  • Return on equity – Divestment of NPLs contributes to an improved return on equity, which is vital to meeting shareholder demands for continuously improved returns.



Partner to consumers and SMEs

We are also a partner to private individuals and SMEs in a debt situation and support them to resolve their debt in default and get them back on track financially. The goal is for customers to be debt free and, given time, to be able to re-enter the financial ecosystem.

Hoist Finance's understanding of the debt collection process is gained from over 25 years of acquiring and collecting debt. We focus on creating long-term sustainable repayment plans and offer customised solutions. The ultimate goal is to find a suitable and beneficial solution for all parties involved in the process.

Our objective is for customers to become debt-free over time and thus able to return to and be part of the financial ecosystem. Any repayment arrangements are structured in accordance with specific internal policy guidelines, as well as applicable legal requirements.

Permitting specialist banks like Hoist Finance to operate in the secondary markets helps ensure the highest standards of consumer protection for a number of reasons. We must act with professionalism, expertise and high ethical standards at all levels.